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Carnaval Parade

The parade was last night.  We attended the parade a couple of years ago and, as people who know me know - I'm not a crowd person - so it wasn't big on my list to attend this year.  But everyone was going and we had a couple of really great locations staked out that...

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Carnaval Fireworks

What a treat and a surprise!  I wasn't expecting to see the fireworks this year.  It gets crazy and it's hard to get home, especially when I'm on my own, so I decided to forego the fireworks and went for Valentine's Dinner with friends.  There was a large group of us,...

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Cooking with Alastair from Water’s Edge

So on Monday I had the privilege of joining one of Alastair's weekly cooking classes. This is new this year and so I was excited to book my spot before I got down here. I'm glad I did because most spots are filling up. We had seven ladies in our class and Alastair...

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Second Patio Crawl of 2015

January 31, 2015 Saturday didn't start out this way but turned into another patio crawl! We had planned to spend the afternoon at Surf's Up Cafe listening to Rootsterford but because the weather was iffy throughout the morning Leanne ended up cancelling the band.  So...

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First Patio Crawl of 2015

January 30, 2015 Yesterday was a great day for a patio crawl.  It was overcast but warm.  We started at El Torito's which was just great.  It was 2:00 pm and most of the restaurant was filled with Mexican Nationals.  We shared some langostinos grantineed and some...

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Kannon, Kannon and More Kannon

Wednesday started with breakfast at Nasha's.  Food is good and very reasonably priced.  Then we headed down to La Corriente in the afternoon to see Kannon play.  They were EXCELLENT as usual!  And while I very much miss La Canoa the setting at La Corriente is very...

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There’s No Sunshine When She’s Gone

So I'm back!  It's been cloudy since Saturday and I couldn't get this damn tablet to work properly.  But now I've figured it out and it's a beautiful day here in Mazatlan. There's lots to update everyone on.  Yesterday started with breakfast at Mango's.  I gotta tell...

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Still 10 Pounds Overweight

And that's my bags - not me.  Well, okay, truth be told I am 10 pounds more than I wish I was, but it's past 1230 am and my TWO bags are still a total of 10 pounds overweight - and I have to get up at 330 am to catch my flight.  How am I going to drop 10 pounds in...

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Lots Going On Today As We Launch This New Website

Busy, busy, busy (and gotta head out to get my hair done before my trip to Mazatlan in the am!)  If you're here you likely have already seen my blog but, if not, feel free to follow me at: I am heading to Mazatlan tomorrow for the next 61...

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On The Patio With SunSeeker

Hello all and welcome to my patio.  Here you will find regular updates of my adventures and activities in Mazatlan.  Much will involve food and drink and what patios we ended up on that day.  Come and enjoy while you follow me around on my adventures!

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