El Meson De Los Laureanos

by | Apr 24, 2015 | 3 comments

Cuisine: Traditional Mexican
Location: El Quelite
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Okay so this is about a 45 minute drive north of Mazatlan but it is such an experience I thought it might be worth mentioning. First of all the drive up there was very interesting to me as we have not spent any time outside of town before so just like a little kid my face was plastered to the window enjoying the scenery.

Much of the land is farmland with rock outcroppings covered in cactus. More cattle ranching than I anticipated with many orchards of some kind. Would have been nice to have had more time but we did not leave until late afternoon as the couple that brought us up there had both worked that day, they just cut out a little early. Once we entered the town of El Quelite you just seemed to revert back in time about 75 years. Horses tied up in front of houses and many people riding horses, quite a few older model cars/trucks. The housing looked nice just a throwback in time also.

As we entered the restaurant there were large open garden areas and we would go through a doorway to another area with a large open garden area then up steps through another door way to another large open garden area which is where we sat. We just strolled around and found an area outside the back where kids could go down and play with goats, roosters, sheep and I think there was even a small pig. The kids in there loved it, no grass just dirt and animals. So the table we sat at was partially outside and partially covered with a roof which was a great place to sit. Dogs and roosters meandering throughout the restaurant, very entertaining.

We ordered lemonade so rather than just bringing out a glass for each of us we got 2 pictures full. I don’t know how they made it but it was the best lemonade I have ever had. Next the appetizers chips, salsa and peppers, let me tell you the peppers had a little kick. The best part was our friends from Mazatlan do not eat spicy foods so my wife and I had the peppers all to ourselves. Next we ordered our dinners, once again when there is lengua on the menu that is what I have and my wife had chicken something. Not sure what our friends ordered but all our meals were outstanding. This was one of the best meals I have ever had in Mexico. Even got to have our picture taken with the owner when we left. This is a must go to restaurant in my opinion.


  1. SunSeeker

    This place is great and well worth the trip to El Quelite. While there you must visit the cock farm, the in house bakery and the central square. Very interesting little town.

  2. Brett Jones

    I also had the lengua when I visited El Meson de los Laureanos. It was very tasty and as I recall, reasonably priced. The restaurant is beautiful and el Quelite is one of those 1/2 day trips worth taking.

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