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    Hey Mazatlecos,

    I’m David, and I’ll be spending about 3 months in Maz starting the second week in August. I live in Baltimore with my husband and our chickens and work as a social worker. Stoked for the opportunity to improve my Spanish and spend more time writing.

    I’ve been reading your forums and you all seem like super kind people, which is great. I’m here to ask for a bit of advice. I’m working with a Spanish language school which seems pretty good, well-reviewed online, etc., but the lodging piece has been a challenge. The school offered to place me in a homestay with a family for $900USD/mo., which to me sounds nutty as it’s more than I pay for my half of the mortgage here in Maryland.

    My ideal situation would be to rent a room in a family’s house (so that I can practice Spanish as much as possible), but I’m also down to rent a studio or small place of my own if it’s reasonable… and from my research, it seems like the prices aren’t crazy…

    So I guess my questions are, what is the web site where people rent rooms from? Craigslist doesn’t seem to be too busy. Or, if I’m going to go for a cheap studio, how can I go about setting that up from here?

    Any guidance most appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time.



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    Hello David.  Welcome to the Forum and to Mazatlán!  Sorry for taking so long to respond.

    First off, you are absolutely right.  $900 USD to live with a family is nutty!  Housing is cheap and plentiful in Mazatlán and you can get very nice accommodations for far less than that.  You may want to check out airbnb for single room prices.  There are good rental companies that can also help you find rental accommodations.  If you do a search on this forum you will find some websites you can start with.  You should not have to pay more than $400 per month depending on what you want and you will likely find something for significantly less particularly so since you are going during the extreme low season – particularly if your three months end around mid-November when long term winter rentals will start picking up.  La Siesta has good rooms for cheap rates if you want to arrive in Mazatlán and then look around.  People on this forum have been very successful in finding places in a day or two this way!  Good luck and let us know how you’re doing and report back on your time in Mazatlán after your arrival.

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