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New Condo Units in the Golden Zone replacing the Dairy Queen

MazCommunity Forums Mazatlan Forum New Condo Units in the Golden Zone replacing the Dairy Queen

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    Here’s a link to a new complex….


    I think she said the starting prices are around 3,000,000 pesos.

    ***I don’t speak Spanish and her English pretty much matched my Spanish.




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    That didn’t work out well…  Try it again.


    This is a little confusing in terms of the project actually replacing the Dairy Queen, and subsequently backing to the main street (Camaron Sabalo).

    Behind the Dairy Queen is a little used (perhaps no longer operaing) wedding / events center that included beach frontage.  Next door to the that was a lot that was primarily empty, but did have the shell of a former building.

    Not to doubt Greg, but I wonder if that’s the scope of the project and the Dairy Queen lot would be unaffected?


    • Edmonton

    I love it!  It looks great and I absolutely love that location.  Along with a bigger pool (more like Las Gavias Golden Shores than the small pool at Ocean Palms) and the price is GREAT if all units are oceanfront.  Any idea of how long it will take them to build it?


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    The development will go the length of the DQ strip mall and the depth will be from Sabalo to the beach.  They plan to rebuild the mall with 3 stories of commercial space and have a hotel on the North end.  So far, the only business that will return is the DQ (which is relocating to the corner of Av Playa Gaviotas and Boca del Mar for the duration of the construction).  The parking lot will be where it is now and the plan is to have part of the parking underground.  The Condo Towers will be on the beach.  This is what I was told by one of the sales staff.

    I have heard estimates of 3 years to build it, but who really knows.


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    • Mazatlan

    Except for the strip mall, everything on the property is demolished and hauled off.  That is a HUGE lot.  I talked to one of the shop owners in the mall and he said that they have 3 months to move out and the mall is coming down.  With the Marriott going up, this project and a couple of others in the Golden Zone, Car and people traffic is going to be something.


    • montréal

    with all the holes on Sabalo in Golden Zone and Sabalo country, hope they will finish one thing before starting something else. Dont forget all the Streets in Centro that are destroy.

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