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    The wife and I have been in Mazatlán since Monday. We are staying with friends in Centro Histórico this week and I can attest to the fact that the streets in this area are an unholy mess. Almost every street from Olas Altas and Aleman up to and around Plaza Machado is torn up. And around much of the Mercado, too. I feel sorry for the businesses.

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    • Edmonton

    Yes, it sounds like quite the mess but glad that you’re down in Mazatlán!  If you get a chance please let us know what you’re up to – and what’s open around you.


    Hey SunSeeker! Still here in Maz. Let me just say at the outset: we are not night people. Wife and I are up early, take long walks (like hours long) and just hang wherever we are staying all day. Occasionally we grab a bite out but mostly cook in. Early to bed and early to rise. :-)

    With that said, I consulted a few friends in the Centro Histórico area and here’s the report on restaurants in the area. Looney Bean is open as we had a scrumptious breakfast there the other morning. Along Olas Altas it appears that most businesses are open including the Shrimp Bucket but that seems to only be open on Sundays. Olas Altas itself is still torn up. Around the Machado it seems all restaurants are open. We had lunch at Mr Lionso’s twice… YUM! Never made it to the Plaza at night. Waters Edge is closed for “renovations” but Hectors and others are still open. We are now in the Cerritos area for a week but will go to the Malecón to check out the free WiFi later this week.

    It’s remarkably cool here for this time of year. The ocean breezes are so soft and make outdoor activities very comfortable. More later…


    • Edmonton

    Thank you for reporting back conundrumz.  Fairly encouraging!  I know it sounds like all I do is eat (!) I do also very much enjoy walking in Mazatlán and will walk from the north end of the Golden Zone to Centro several times a week.  It’s a great and beautiful walk.  And I have lots of great restaurant choices to pick from when I arrive!!    Continue to enjoy!


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    • Mazatlan

    Lots more photos on…


    • Millsboro, DE

    Has anyone heard when the Centro streets will be complete?


    Greggs Email
    • Mazatlan

    Went to Centro and had a 10 peso taco at the Market, then took a walk around to see what was going on.  I talked to a bicycle cop and he told me that it would be about 3 months to finish up what they had torn up.  It appears that you’re good for November 1, Ferd, as long as they don’t tear up the rest of it.


    • montréal

    Greggs Email
    • Mazatlan

    About 3:00 Sunday, I walked around Centro for about an hour.  Just about all of the streets that were torn up now have the cement base laid.  A lot of them have the bricks laid down to just short of the intersections  A lot of the sidewalks are still torn up.  Only saw a few businesses open.  The Machado had no visitors and only 3 businesses were open.

    Olas Altas appears to be just about completed.  The cement base is laid down and most of the brickwork is done.  The sidewalks are mostly complete up to the PV.  The businesses are open and have customers.


    Borrowed this from another website. Hope it’s okay to post. Very informative update of street construction with photos.


    Of course it’s OK. I have to admit, they’re moving faster than I thought.

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