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    • Millsboro, DE

    Well WTF, is anyone who was there going to share???


    • montréal

    dont know , the article disapperd.


    This is from Glenn. The impromptu party on the 4th was attended by over 120 people. Music by The Rumba Kings and a free taquiza bar. According to Glenn, it was a fun night.

    The new owners are Nathan Burket and Missy Wood. I don’t know these people. Maybe someone on the forum can fill us in. Glenn and Sharon will be splitting their time between Mazatlan and Ajijic. I’m sure we will see them around.


    Margie Jo
    • North of the Border

    I saw the name on Find It Here Mazatlan FB page…Here you go>>


    Margie Jo
    • North of the Border

    Margie the tourbar link works, but the facebook link is not connecting now.


    Margie Jo
    • North of the Border

    Gee I just clicked on the link after I read your message and it worked for me maybe you want to try again.


    A little more info on Macaws.

    Air-conditioning and fancy chefs are expensive. I wonder what will happen with the prices.


    • Edmonton

    A Cordon-Bleu chef and a gourmet twist to the menu?  Bring it on!!  I will pay extra for that.  I love Macaws and LOVE spending time there but I never ate there (with the exception of the odd fried chicken night).  I very much welcome a new menu.  I hope they will continue with live music as well.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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