Missing Maz!

Hey gang.  I am sooooooo missing Mazatlán.  And just having a place to come to talk of our beloved City helps me get through the “rough times”.  I know it’s off season and we are all busy enjoying our summers but just coming to the site and seeing a few new posts helps!  So this is my attempt to get some chatter happening – even though most of us are not there right now so don’t have any new information to provide.

What can we talk about?  The news on Macaws is great and we wish Nathan and Missy nothing but extreme success.  Macaws is seriously my favorite venue in all of Mazatlan and if the menu improves, as I said in my previous post, I see that as a plus plus plus!  I also like the info on MazatlánLife about the 50% discount on the B&B if you book last minute.  I’m glad that Glenn and Sharon are now able to enjoy their “retirement”.  Can’t wait to see them.

How are the streets coming along in Centro?  Hey Gregg!  What about that GoPro Cam that we used a couple of years ago to do our narrated tours?  Perhaps you could do a little tour for us (without my annoying voice narrating and laughing all the time?!)  LOL.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, lovely, sun filled summer.

Pata de Mula

Pata de Mula

A new Oyster Bar across from the Marina.  Cute place, good service, good margaritas and tasty food.  In the complex in front of where the Canadian Consulate is.

And this is how they deliver your bill – so cute!

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