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Mazatlan Forum

MazCommunity’s Mazatlan Forum is here to talk about almost anything related to Mazatlan. We don’t have a lot of rules and the few that we have are posted at the top of the forum. It was started to allow  people to freely discuss various subjects without a heavy-handed moderator deciding what was appropriate or not. Everyone is welcome, so come on in.

SunSeeker's Patio

You’re never quite sure what you might find on SunSeeker’s Patio. Admittedly, the food and restaurants around Mazatlan show up often, but you also might get a glimpse of the latest in flip-flop fashion. SunSeeker sightings have occurred from Stone Island to Nuevo Mazatlan, so always expect the unexpected.

Maz Mélange

Maz Mélange (i.e. motley collection) will feature several contributors posting about their experiences in Mazatlan. These could include anything from a night at the Angela Peralta Theater to a street party or even a Maz Rocks The Beach concert.

Restaurant Reviews

Browse our collection of restaurant reviews submitted by our members. You can add your own review or comment to our existing restaurants including photos you might want to include. Better yet, if a restaurant in not in our listing yet, you can submit the first review.

Restaurant Menus

Here you will find photos of menus from various restaurants around Mazatlan. We will update them as often as we can but nothing is guaranteed. You are also encouraged to contribute to our collection. The photo requirements are listed in the submit menu form. Enjoy!

Blogs, Links & Help

A gathering of everything from other’s blogs about Mazatlan (more or less) to links to helpful websites you may find of interest. We’ll throw in a few articles of our own about this and that for good measure.